Our Trivia & Game Show Hosts!

Jonathon Page

A great personailty and amazing voice make Jonathon Page our most popular Game Night host!

His shows are fun and exciting, a slight edgy at times and A LOT OF FUN! He's PERFECT for large crowds.

Bobby Herbst

The man makes you laugh! Coach Rob has been our top show show producer since day 1, and is also a great show host! He can also get a little wild, so he's perfect for a wild group!


One of our most popular show producers, Monique is a driving force behind most of the questions and themes in our games. She is also an amazing trivia host, with a vast knowledge of pop culture, movies and TV!


Elkin is one of our newest show producers and game hosts. He specializes in our "youth geared" games and school events. He's great on the mic, and full of personality!